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Find a qualified house sitter to care for your home and pets while you are away whether it is for a week a month, or a year.

When you leave your property empty for any amount of time the risk of someone breaking in and robbing your cherished things increases.  Finding a sitter to take care of your precious things while you are away will provide you with peace of mind.

our list of housesitters FREE to locate a qualified sitter.  

We protect your privacy through our secure messaging system, without disclosing your e-mail address, and only housesitters registered with us can contact you.

Relax while you are away and enjoy the security of having a qualified Sitter take loving care of your home!
“In Mexico, - a million Americans own homes south of the border and the golf community boom is just beginning.”
                               "The New York Times", January 25, 2008

If you want to become a house sitter and find a position in Mexico: We are specialists and we can help you!

We are the number one house sitting site specialized in Mexico.  Enjoy your vacations without having to pay top dollars for your accommodations.  A great way to get to konw the mexican culture.

Save Money. Live rent-free. At the same time that you are saving on rent, you will have the privacy and comfort of your very own place.

For only pennies a day, enjoy the adventure of living in romantic Mexico!
Protect your home while you're away.
Live rent-free in Mexico.
Enjoy the adventure!
House Sit Mexico catering exclusively to homeowners in Mexico
House Sit Mexico connects sitters with homeowners in Mexico
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